Перевод песни Ahmir – Welcome To My Party

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Pre-chorus Rap: (MR. JONES)
Rule 1, respect my house, don't get no sh*t on my momma couch
Rule 2, I'm laid back, that's what I'm about, fake thugs and actresses,
keep the drama out! ...
Welcome To My party, coat check on the left, roof deck on the right
Please don't stand by the bar all night, grab a drink and hit the floor
Welcome To My Party, D-I-M-E's to the VIP
Girl you look young lemme see ID
Alright you straight so you can stay
Verse 1: (SING-SING)
Thank God its the weekend, and I know my people are seeking a spot
Where they can get it on So I roll out the red carpet, said you wanna party you got it Ready or not
Bring a small entourage
As your host, we'll make sure you have the most fun possible, we don't wanna
see nobody go to the hospital so Fellas, Break it up, break it up, break it up Ladies, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up Party on the floor, there's the bell I got the door, what's up?!
Verse 2: (SING-SING)
Now the place is crowded, is there anybody leaving I doubt it Why would they
This party's gettin crazy oh yeah
Hope you're having a good time, good food, good wine, women, so fine
This party is on fire
Chorus (2x)
Bridge Rap: (MR. JONES)
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to cause this lil cutie got a onion booty
Some lil dude with too much jewelry is Making his case like a lawyer so sue me cause
I'm looking over saying quick come here to VIP, have a seat wit Ahmir
She winked, waited till the coast was clear
Cause she ain't want nobody pullin' out they toast in here
Come here sit down, sip this mellow drink down
Nice now hit the floor so we can get down
Ok valet, drive my X5 round
Big smile, nice cars bring out your sex drive WOW
Now I ain't saying you a gold digger
Just cause I ain't say it don't mean it ain't true
Who's the real player here girl, it ain't you!
Gimme a kiss and we'll forget about it, cool?