Перевод песни Barna Howard – It Hurts To Know

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I grew up fast in a small town
Where people go to die
Where your papa' lends you a dollar
If you sweat and never tell a lie
So you say okay, he (wasn't quick then)
Down the road you fly
Oh how it hurts to know
That you made your mother cry... again
You fall in love or so you think
When you're growing young
Once you're there you bite your lip
Soon your (kissin on)
And then something changes
It could be the weather but you bite your young
Oh how it hurts to know
That this time you got it wrong... again
You find a job, you're making dough
Its easy as pie
You later find that its such a drag
Its a piece you wish you hadn't tried
But you have to stay there are bills to pay
So put me back in line
Oh how it hurts to know
That you're back there chasing your pride... again
When you come home and please be quiet
Its been a long hard week
Drink your coffee but do not sip
People are trying to sleep
Well the nights are always so damn quiet
How can you feel at ease
Oh how it hurts to know
That my baby is getting tired of me... again