Перевод песни Razorback – Freakshow Fantasy

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In a moment of delusion,
You see the grand illusion
I know that you'll come for me tonight.
In a bucket full of lovin',
What you get is what you're seein'
I'm running on a head full of dirty dreams.
(Ain't it good to be bit obscene?)
I'll tell you that I love you,
Won't even know your name.
I'll gladly take it off for you,
won't even feel the shame.
Tell me what you want to see,
I'll show you till it hurts.
A pound of flesh and honey lies is all that I am worth.
(Bigtime blessing or a bigtime curse?)
What's your angle?
What's your game?
What's your secret claim to fame?
Don't you worry, finger me.
I'll still be your freakshow fantasy.