Перевод песни Razorback – Love Uncovered

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Sun-baked and screaming, turn my skin an angry red.
Awake but still I'm dreaming, I bring the sun into my bed.
I'll take you while you're sleeping and love you in the dark.
Hold me closer, in cold and hunger
My love uncovered, I can be the...
Pain that you're feeling
Be the breath upon your ear.
Be the love, love that you're bleeding
The sigh that you hear.
Share in good fortune, happiness is coming my way.
Fresh as new born babies, find me in a daze.
Pass the bottle slowly, and take what you can spare
Hold me closer...
All you sleepy children with staring eyes
So many questions
I'll try to answer but please don't ask me why
I wake to find you dreaming
Smell the sunshine in your hair.
A dusty road adventure
Caught the seas beneath my stare.
Driving to the city, my love is in your hands.
Hold me closer...