Перевод песни Stray – Miles from here

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I need to know what makes you not like me,
What makes you ignore me
I want to know,
I want to find out why
that your attention to me, your retention of me is one that you deny
I want to know, I want to find out why
'Cuz your attention to me,
And your rejection of me is one that I should deny
For a night in the town that we were free
Oh, did you think, did you think that I was boring?
For a night, for an hour for a quick release
For some supplemental piece
Did you think I was yours?
And no, no, I mean it, I truly, I truly regret it
No I meant it
If I could go,
I'd repent this personal sin
Of the one night that wasn't planned
And no
You confuse me to the point where I don't know my own reality
You seem to want me and then you let me go
Once ignored, and once aware that you'd never be there