Перевод песни Lou Monte – Please Mr. Columbus (Turn the Ship Around)

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In fourteen hundred ninety two,
three ships set out to sea:
the Nina and the Pinta and the
And as they sailed the stormy seas
On that historic day
From way up in the crow's nest,
You could hear Luigi say ...
(strong italian accent)
PUH-leeeZUH Meester Columbus,
Turnah da SHEEP around!
Take-UH me back, I WANNA see
my two feet on the GROUND!
Why-yuh tell-uh Eeezabella
Thatta the world is round?
PULEEEZUH Meester Columbus
Turn-uh da SHEEP around!
Then Chris took out his mandolin
and he began to play.
They sang and danced the Tarantell
until the break of day.
They ate up all the provolone
— that's Italian cheese.
But still up in the crow's nest you could hear
Luigi's pleas ... ()
And then one day they sighted land
just off the starboard bow.
Columbus said «I told ya so.
The journey's over now.»
An Indian girl upon the shore
yelled «I see you up there, man!»
Luigi shouted back, «Ahoy»
and started on a plan.
Oh please Mr. Columbus
don't take me back no more.
I wanna stay right here and make
the chief my father-in-law.
I'm glad you told Isabella
that the world was round.
I don't know where we are
but there's pisanos all around.