Перевод песни Julius la Rosa – I've Got Love

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Show me a mountain
I'll make it a hill
Show me the dark night
I'll turn it to day
Show me a landslide
I'll make it stand still
Show me your worry
And I'll chase it away
'Cause I've got love
Yes I've got love
I've got love the whole day long
Someone loves me, really loves me And her love is making me strong
Her love is making me strong
Bring me a cyclone
I'll make it a breeze
Bring me the thunder
I'll make it a sigh
Bring me some acorns
I'll build ya some trees
Bring me a heartache
And I'll make it fly
Sing me a sad song
I'll give a beat
Show me a gray sky
I'll turn it to blue
I'll take December
Fill it with heat
There just ain't nothin' that I couldn't do Yeah, her love is making me strong!