Перевод песни Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Lygon Street Meltdown

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Things were getting hot in the night,
And the air wasn't feeling right,
Word is out the mighty could fall,
Like so many empires before,
Rivalry was cutting deep,
So many vendettas how could they sleep?
Tonight the prince is losing his crown,
Here comes the Lygon Street Meltdown,
He recalled his mother's words,
«crime will never pay,
you cross the line, then you will suffer»,
Lygon Street meltdown,
Underbelly bubblin' up,
(we hear the), Carlton crew is getting rough,
Back stabbin's outta control,
No one to trust with what you know,
Then the squealing tyres were a give away,
Gangsters SKAttering up Faraday,
Blood will be the currency tonight,
Gloves are off and the war ignites,
Shots crack out from the slick sedan,
Taking out the top dog was the plan,
Double barrel ricohet,
Watch the boys come out to play,
Rapid fire from the left, took a bullet to the head,
Homicide here in the street and you know it will repeat,
Gangland wars' in town,
It's a Lygon Street meltdown.