Перевод песни GrimSkunk – Everybody Hates You

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Caught in a whirlwind, lifted up high and dropped down
Promised the sky as you hit the ground, there's no one around
Spread your arms wide and feel nothing warm
Open your heart to the dark as it carries you down
Hey, where you gonna run to now
Hey, when all your dreams have been shot down
Always on the outside, nothing on the inside
Standing on the edge looking down
No one ever needs you, everybody hates you
No one even wants your love
Your whole life long, it never meant anything at all
You reach for salvation, there's nobody there
Hey, where you gonna run to now
Hey, when all your life you've been shot down
No one ever wants you, everybody hates you
Never counted for no one
On your own since you started, lonely, broken-hearted
Watch your world come undone
You got caught in a want
In a need, now you bleed
You got lost in a dream
And the pain no one sees
When everybody's hates you