Перевод песни GrimSkunk – Snake in the Grass

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Use twisted lies on weakened minds
No matter who gets burned
So have your fun, your time will come
Next it'll be your turn
And your fake little indie creed
is just a mask for more corporate greed
trying to sell us shit we don't need
You might fool some, but you don't fool me
Snake in the grass
it ain't gonna last
Snake in the grass
you're going down
Snake in the grass
moving too fast
can't outrun your past
It's coming around
La chute, la chute, la chute, la chute du pouvoir
So count your blessings
But watch your back have begun to crack
Count your money, and face your crimes
Cuz the clock's run down and you're out of time
You're going down!
You're going down MOTHERFUCKER!
You're going down!