Перевод песни Vicky Cryer – The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering

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That's what you wanted isn't it? My (aim just removes me, but in it just
Ain't isn't it)?
You're under paralyze, I know that's what (meant you high)
It's just a state of mind, but maybe I should have lied and told you I Didn't care
I won't be your (tiny) present for you to unwrap
I don't come with a gift for see for you, just to give me back
And (the true torn behind a flagging) phase, (and a true) touch behind your
Full haze
No I won't be the (well it comes time), watch you want to (stave)
Well I move, yeah I move, cos (I'll no moved) anymore
Yeah you push, and I pull to (...) pieces on the floor
Yeah I move, I move on, well (I'll no moved) anymore
Cos you won't know what love is, until you've touched to be