Перевод песни Don Ellis – Blackbird On Fire

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I loved you like a meteor
It cannot change its path
It's pealed by speed and fire
Just kamikaze ash
And like dust on dust
We follow
No cradle for regard
No grave to bury sorrow in And no arrows in our hearts
And yet, bleeding mild forgiveness
Confessions did not earn
But whispered to the witnesses
All waiting for their turn
And I,-I,-I
Get tired of tired
Awakened by the weight of the common human state
And the metaphor: Black bird on fire
On soft mahogany
Doesn't carry any key
Like a bead inside of a barrel
I'll be burned before I'm free
Like a universal soldier
I am my own worst enemy
And I have tamed the tide of failure
I have turned the looking glass
I have harvested the future
And I have paralyzed the past
But with one eye closed
I'm folding to a recent memory
When that universal soldier meant everything to me