Перевод песни Cynthia – Endless Nights

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The sun went down and the night came through
While my heart still lay deep inside for you
Wishing and hoping for just one more try
I refuse to wave the love we shared good-bye
But it's not to late, no need to make you wait
Your always in my heart, no need to hesitate
It took us so much time for us to make it right
So darling don't you wait, it's really not too late
So please make this an endless night
With just a little love we can make it right
Its there, I know I always loved you so
I hope this endless night won't let you go
Days pass by and still I wondered why
The times we shared seem to slip us by
The moments we spent were so few but true
So come back to me, I'm still in love with you
And though I know it may not be the same
I'll try my best for now, no more time for games
Cause deep inside I know our love is strong
Knowing you and I would always belong