Перевод песни Jerry Lewis – Y-Y-Y-Yup

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Now I went out to take a walk today and it was sunny.
My hope was that my eyes were fine and in my pocket money.
Then I saw her standing there she was a pretty sight.
But when she turned to walk away, I really the saw the light!
And I went, YEP!
Ain't she nice?
YEP! Said it twice.
I've never seen a gal who looks so friendly in retreat.
She got aboard a streetcar and I wasn't far behind her.
But when I got inside I looked around and didn't find her.
I looked at all the faces but I really couldn't tell.
The car had stopped and she got off.
And then I knew her well!
And I went YEP!
There she goes, YEP!
What a rose.
I may not recognize her face but when she starts to go.
YEP! Tallyho!
I followed her right to the house she got inside before.
I had a hope that when she took a look she would adore me.
I cleared my voice and took a breath, and knoced upon the door.
It wasn't her that answered it was someone 6 foot 4!
That's the truth! Today I'm in the hospital,
and oh there goes the nurse.
YEP! This is EVEN WORSE!!!