Перевод песни Conejo – Out of State Love

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Frank V. Pass Me The Cooker Homie
I'm A Have To Fix On This One
Shout Out To All The Little Homies Out There
Fucking With These Out Of State Groupies
Been There Done That
Got A Out Of State Love
And She Treat Me Right
She Roll Me Up A Blunt
I Come Down Off The White
And I Might
Just Bring Her Home
And She Could Fuck All Night
After She Polish The Dome
We Met A While Back
After The Show
Even Though I Opened Up I Hypnotize With The Flow
So We Skipped The After Party
Inspiration Point
C-Loco Had To Go Up In It To Some Oldie Joints
Now I'm Back On The Road
Headed To Thee Unknown
Ese To Another Place
But That's How It Go We Check Into The Mo'
The Receptionist Smile
There's A Knock On My Door
She Like That L.A. Style
And She Don't Know My Name
But She Feeling My Game
See The Sadness In Her Eyes
I See Much Pain
I Make It Rain Though
In A Room Or A Club
Cause That The Way It Be With That Out Of State Love
That's Why I'm Looking Forward
To The Next Event
So I Could Share With You
How My Time Was Spent
That's How It Went
We Was In My Tent
I Left Baby Bowlegged
But Shall I Repent?
That's How It Had To Happen
Females Dig Muthafuckers
For That Poetry Rappin'
I'm The Captain
Of This Ship
Frank V Spit Something
Bout That Out Of State Shit
Ridin' 'Round The World
Bitches Bound To Get Dizzy
Jump In My Space Ship
Hit Ya Town & Get Busy
Got Noisy In Boise
Crazy Up In A. Z Even Hit It Raw
With This Bitch I Saw In Wichita, K-S
Say Yes & Come Along
On This Mission
For The Real Nasty Boy
Not Some Fake Ass Magician
Hocus Pocus
Lose Focus & You're Hopeless
I'm Probably Not The Cutest Rapper
But I'm The Dopest
And They Know This Up In Oakland
Hoboken & Tacoma
Portland Oregon
And Southern California
Denver — December
This Hyna Named Brenda
I Think She Had A Baby
But I Try Not To Remember
But I'll Always Remember
The Good Times
Out Of State
When I Was Gone Til November
You See To Me Each Memory Is Like A Treasure
Thank You Franky Baby
Uhuh It Was My Pleasure
It Was My Pleasure
Ooh Boy I Love You So Never Ever Ever Gonna Let You Go Once I Get My Hands On You
Ooh Boy I Love You So Never Ever Ever Gonna Let You Go I Hope You Feel The Same Way Too
Ooh Boy I Love You So Never Ever Ever Gonna Let You Go Once I Get My Hands On...