Перевод песни Mwahaha – Swimmer

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I swim deeper through darkness and danger
from the surface and its beautiful light
I get around it when I can't get it through yes
these puddles turn into the great big oceans
but I don't mind
maybe you're diggin it somewhere, we don't know
but you carry your bad luck like a stone
and maybe it's got you, it's brought you down there
your bad luck has brought you home
I can see your distance when you get near me
if your the glue than I'm the pieces alright
we'll go right through it when we can't get around it
these puddles turned into the great big ocean
but I don't mind
I don't mind
Someone hurt the swimmers feelings
made his buoyant heart start sinking
through the deepest darkest water
holding breath and dive down farther
made his mind up kept his promise
dropped the ballast, caught the harness
swimmer aimed toward the surface
kicked his legs with pride and purpose
when the sunlight hit his eyes
he was met by our cheers and cries