Перевод песни Bert Kaempfert – Afrikaan Beat

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Afrikaan Beat, We're dancing to the Afrikaan Beat
I'm burning like the tropical heat
Dancing to the Afrikaan Beat
If you think I hold you too tight
Just blame it on the music tonight
The rhythm soon will make it seem right
Then your heart and mine will unite
While they play the Afrikaan Beat
Keep dancing to the AFrikaan Beat
You're in my arms, the feeling is sweet
Dancing to the Afrikaan Beat
Let me whisper into your ear
While we are in the right atmosphere
And no one else would dare interfere
Why I love to hold you so near
As they play the Afrikaan Beat
Like a jungle breeze will kiss the trees
Please let my lips caress your lips as we sway
Let us dance while the stars all fade away
Till the break of day here's where we belong
While the music plays that siren's song
While we are together, my love
Let's always stay together my love
And we can sway forever, my love
Long as they keep playing my love
Playing with that Afrikaan Beat
Keep dancing to that Afrikaan Beat
And you will find that life is complete
While we have that Afrikaan Beat
Always in our hearts, Always in our hearts