Перевод песни Andwellas Dream – Andwella

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The man from the dam said it was a shame about her
She never planned on staying round here for long
He looked rather pale as he mentioned the name Andwella
She came with the cat that sat on top of a basket
There was none pleasant to my eyes as she
She came like a breeze in the middle of the day, then gone
She rode a horse that had that look about it
Of serving her until the day it died
With a crimson cape she rode across the valley
She vanished through the night sometime last spring
Now she stands with the naked man in the center of the town
Some people turn away if you mention the name Andwella
Well her voice still lingers round the ground she came from
And her picture haunts the moorland where she lived
With her face on fire and her bells that spoke of freedom