Перевод песни Apocalyptic Visions – All Shall Fall

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Through divergence the order divides
Out of unity the fragments preside
Creation itself original sin
The emergence of discord begins
Separation the clades are formed
Advent diversity enmity is born
The commands of all bloodlines positioned
Our inscriptions of warfare are written
Violence the score to all generations
Deafening are the infinite laments below
Savagery the orchestration of dominance
Weaknesses of the challengers exposed
Genome prime directive genocide
Onward brandishing our phenotypes
Bloodshed architects of all resentment
Fight the war on all sides
The persistence of scions decide
Who endures and who cast aside
Immortality denied
All shall fall
All shall fall
I ascend from my enemies wreckage
Take possession establish hegemony
Unrelenting in purpose and vengeance
The extinction of all who oppose me
Infestation of your habitat we rise
Displace your failed experiment
Flourishing by adaptation we rise
And breed you out of consequence
Natural selection your omission we rise
And force you to the periphery
Into shadow the vanquished are called
All shall fall
All shall fall
All shall fall
All shall fall into shadow