Перевод песни Apocalyptic Visions – Bastard Son of Nazareth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Jesus no one wants to her your wisdom
Free us pearly gates conceal a prison
Enemy to the millions who believe in you
Trinity ground to dust beneath the pentagram
I am the Antichrist I am the Antichrist you die
I will baptize in your holy blood
Burn your corpse and cross of wood
Dismantle every standing church
And inherit the earth
Bastard son of Nazareth I destroy you
Send you bleeding back into the grave
This time there will be no resurrection
Jesus Christ is just the king of slaves
I rip the scripture from the mouth
Set it ablaze with my hate
Butcher the preachers I'm casting you out
Rape the virgins of their faith
I am the morning star bearer of light
Banish the shadows of god
You are the serpent destroyed paradise
Spitting your venomous laws
Crucify Jesus Christ put to death
Skinned alive for your lies
Bastard son of Nazareth