Перевод песни Mournful Gust – I Saw Her Sad Eyes

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Her face is mirrored in lunar glowing
The tears, so sweet tears are flowing from her eyes
Eyes, so sad eyes look at me for the last time
Let to touch them with my gaze for the last time
I'll never forget when our glares have united
I've feel a fire and something has woken up inside me And as a beast I wanted to take possession to her
But having thrown on her I've dissolved in her shade
We're as the lover flowers
But we can't touch to each other
And the wind breaks off our petals
Those are so beautiful in rays of a sunset
I saw her sad eyes, her eyes for the last time
I was her cry, I was her tears
I've touched her soul for the first time
Having broke her as the crystal castle
In her eyes I see my reflection
Heavens full of stars and moon instead of pupils
And the tears flowing from her eyes
Are transform to celestial crystal
We're as snow on the sun melt in our embrace
We harden as a sculpture and we peter for ever
And something invisible binds us In silent dance of grief connecting us together
I would like to forget it absolutely
It is more never to recall her
But every night I look in heavens
And the moon draws her portrait again