Перевод песни Mournful Gust – As a Wingless Bird

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
She's my grief
She's my tears of despair
She's sleeping beauty in my dreams
She's ashes of my hopes
She's voice of my eternity
She's frankness of attracting midnight
She's mistress of my heart
She and nobody except her
Bird, celestial bird
Bird, wingless bird
The bird remain with me for ever
... She's my grief
No, beloved, not for us this spring
We have lost our happiness outside our bodies
All that you see now it's only dream
The reflection that never will happen
At one time we were birds with you
And with enjoying soared in the clouds eternal
But arrows of death pierce our wings
And we're as if silence have felled in our life
That day when I've stretched hands to heaven
She as a bird has felled on my palms
By the wounded bird tearing out from my dreams
By the angel it's in the flesh ... by the bird without wings
She's my grief
She's in a captivity of the body
She's a wingless bird
She's all my dreams
She's embodiment of fantasies
She's the castles in the air
She's got used to ground
She and nobody except her
If only I had wings, I would give them to you
I agree eternally to be tormented on this ground
If only to enjoy your flight
In heavens that are so far away from me