Перевод песни Mournful Gust – Path of My Tears

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I don't feel fascinating heat of your caressing hands
I forget our last dawn in crimson rays
Your farewell embrace don't warm me And your mysterious whisper don't beckon me in eternity
I'll harden by a tear on your sleeping face
And with death will go in your calm dream
I see dying away stars
Falling from an abyss of eternity
If you could extend to me the hand ... your hand
And conduct me along a path of my tears
I cry with an entreaty in dying sky
Among bleeding stars I seek for your glowing eyes
Stay by me, full me with your fire
And pray, hear my voice, come back to me Become me and full me with your fire
And pray, hear my voice, and return to me
I was your heart so long as light hasn't stolen it I was you so long as the mist hasn't separated us I touch by shivering lips to icy stones
I kiss your shade sliding on a path of my tears
Whether you remember our maiden dawn
What warm whiff has woken our hearts?
Whether you remember how we died
Among smoldering combustion of our life