Перевод песни Abdicate – Trail of Blood

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Opposition brings argument
It is often brought to an end, through destruction!!!
Warring clans subside
Crawling into a hole to cower and hide
Death is their punishment!!!
Uncontrollable disease plagues the land
Famine, war, and mass genocide
All failures of man, and gods!!!
Unbeknownst to man, this is your final judgement
No need to repent, you've been wiped out of existence
The obliteration of an entire race, of humans
It is the end, the finality of humanity!!!
I'll stand mountainside to survey this human collapse
In the valley below, behold
My eyes soak in its destruction!!!
Blood like clay, tempered in the flame!!!
Transcendence, a trail of blood
A path, a guiding light
Through darkness enshrouding my life!!!