Перевод песни Abdicate – The Burden of Existence

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Step down from high
My orders to abdicate
Dethroned with force
I shall conquer my enemies
Beyond the last horizon
Dwells a cancer that is hidden
In the mountains of might
Behold their kingdom
They shall kneel before me Their feeble land crushed by darkness
All shall perish
Slaughter the innocent
Refugees of war
Inbred slaves Serving the noble clans
Laying waste to the land
Once a mighty kingdom
Now broken and defeated
Injecting their venom in our veins
Impure blood infects
The burden of existence
Imparing my bloodlust visions
Ashes of the dead
Cover my skin
The vengeance of my kin
My enemies laying dorment
Transfixed on your end
Blind eyes are those that cry
Breathe the freedom in your death
No signs of Just wandering souls
All to be damned
Burden of existence