Перевод песни Abdicate – Beckoning Death

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Kiss me goodbye as I Revel in the stench
With pleasure and smiles
Step out of my skin, washed off the scum
Telltale lies carved in my flesh
Surrounded by piss and shit
Awaiting my throne
I feel cold breath blowing
Across my neck, frigid!!!
The succumbed incubus, concubine, combined inside
Dissolved and untwined, rectified, for all time
Lust in the lie, and laid out, for the flies
A feast for a king, that has drowned, in his wine
Lost in a world of separates
Close enough to brush tongues
Thrown inside for bitter litter
Left the ring, washed off the scum
I will kiss this voluptuous cold
And run my hands through Lilith's hair
What is this foul temptress, that beckons me to my death