Перевод песни Abdicate – Relinquish the Throne

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The intent is real
Your subjection to belittlement
Facing this storm
Abysmal hate for mankind, bloodthirst!!!
Utterly horrid, the smell of blood fills the air
Born of hate, bowing down, to this complex oath to reign
Under good auspices, an insensible thunderbolt
A futile threat, a display of force
The question drops
The argument collapses
Let experiment be made, on a worthless body
The end crowns the work
Perhaps this too, will be a pleasure
It is not an argument against proper use
Abuse does not take away use
Gratuitous impulsive acts
A sick mans dreams, to preserve a calm mind
A friend to the human race, a friend as to the altars