Перевод песни Abdicate – Divine Redemption

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Trampled under hoof
The feeble perish
Odin's might unknown
Warriors of the north
Coldness as my guidance
Winds begin to blow
Purified by fear
Life ends by my hand
Mine sword demands
Blood has now been shed
Spilt upon the altar
Barbarism unparalleled
Given to the north
Uncharted lands ruled in darkness
Strength to perceive what may lie ahead
Sanctified within might
Succumb to the fighting
Judgement has been passed
Defile the kingdom
Acknowledgement of rapture
Cast down by gods
Grant thee, oh mighty lords
Thy strength, crushed opposition
Guide my hand, strike
Power of divine
To redeem, unclean
Souls of thee, damned, cleansed