Перевод песни Operation Winter Mist – Frontal Assault

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Concealed in the forest, in the year 1944
Panzer divisions are deployed ready to attack
Mechanized formations committed to a great offensive
Answer the fatherland's call
Engage in a frontal assault
In a shroud of December's fury
Under cover of the Winters mist
Forging men and machine to strike with an iron fist
Infantry and war machines, smash through the enemy lines
Into a steel storm of total war
Engage in a frontal assault
Surround them, destroy them, drive them back across the sea
Tigers spearhead a blitzkrieg, infantry follow in their tracks
Leveled cities and atrocities will bring the invaders to their knees
Sound now a truimphant trumpet blast
Choke on the bitter taste of defeat
Victory is within our grasp
Engage in a frontal assault