Перевод песни Raventale – My Birds of Misfortune

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Far away from the brook of life
Behind the border of visions
Cold white palms are trying
To reach the heavens
You are hovering in the emptyness of black air
Sounds of bygone voices are dying away
But it's only an illusion
Did they exist when you were alive?
Black birds of misfortune are fighting inside of you
Lacerating a veil of nature with pounces
Do you want to set them free?
Drawing the horizon with the charcoal of free wings
And say goodbye to recondite mystic enigma
Of your empty space in the fields of illusions
Leaving a dead kiss for your yearning
You're fatefully walking along the eternal path
Loneliness the essence of alter ego
Fills your depths with a powerfull stream