Перевод песни Crest of Darkness – Cadavergod

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We have seen your weak attempts to regain control
But nothing can be hidden from us!
We control your each and every nervous step
We'll always have you by the throat!
You've made an opinion that we don't exist
But in your heart you know we are for real
Now you wonder how did you end up like this
A victim of your cowardice you have fallen, so kneel...
We house your deaths
No pity we have no regrets!
A human tomb where worthlessness rests
Through the cracks of the Earth we appear
So your disciples are told...
In our eyes all dignity and honor in you is dead
Across a self-made cadaver Earth you are now lead
So we'll burn your books!
Make you stand out as the fools
Not one of us can be infected by your so called blessed mind
We raise our voices high and praise our master's name
Ignore the past, preside death upon what's blessed
Listen for the sound of knell...