Перевод песни Crest of Darkness – Revenge Complete

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Far away, still so close, a memory shining so bright
In my heart, you're always there, like a ghost in the night
I am flying, helped on the wings by an overdose
I can feel it, in my delirious dreams you're coming close
I once had visions, you crushed them all
I once had dreams, where are they now
Dark clouds, unleash fury, so much hatred
Endless walking, all alone, so frustrated
So many years, so many tears
Like a living dead, controlled by every word you said
I will find you, my dream will become true
I've got the strength, I will get my revenge
Believe me, I've got the strength, I will get my revenge
This is my confession, but I need no priest
These are my last words, it's alive, the beast
Evil spells, magic strong, I've taken my choice
Let me live, please let me live, I can hear your voice
Hate, a very potent drug, I want to see you dead
I know the truth, I understand, I've been a fool, it's like you said
I've found myself, I'm ready now, I can't wait, It's so easy to push the
buttons «Delete»
It's blood all over, I feel so strong, Now I can say that my revenge is complete