Перевод песни Dawn Of Azazel – Sinew, Sin, Discipline

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lavicious lips, bewitching breasts
Begins the beating within my chest
1000 voluptuous virtues at your command
But five porcelain fingers and delicate hands
Cannot grasp me to the ground
Not stifle my rebellious sound
Hold my heart 'tween turbid teats
Not seal my soul between your sheets
As I clasp and enter at your rear
Your hips close, my body near
To your rabid raw unfettered agility
In ecstasy on hand and knee
I'll take what is mine, and you'll do my bidding
When I come with what you are craving and take you woman
Command charming curves, part pouts so demure
Thrust within and vanquish all that is pure
Hammer down my passion with laughter and bliss
Without restraint, guilt and forgiveness
Clasp firm my girth within its midst
Pure pulsating power in erotic envenomed lips
Pride and masculinity
Cast these legs aside
Pound and pleasure furiously
Deep between your thighs
Shiver screech and squeel, as I penetrate and scold
Kneel before an idol impetuous and bold
With all my vigour I'll give, not an inch I'll withhold
My sin and my sinew to fill her greedy gaping holes
This oiled omnipotent weapon upon which you feed
Shall battle with the bawdy and always succeed
Erect above your gaping angelic lips
Down upon your knees and taste its spit
Falls at your insistence
That I never desist
You cannot resist
When it is my ambition
To see you in submission
In the canine position
Receiving my discipline