Перевод песни Dawn Of Azazel – Fornication Revelation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Avowed to lewdness, lust and Fleshmongery
With Lust that shall never relent
I copulate incessant
In pursuit of divine ecstasy
Bliss drips from thy temples egress
Unspeakable tenderness
Contained within its moistened walls
Here where faith is sustained
And revelations ordained
By the trollop and the whore
Overwhelmed by depravities of wicked wenches siring sin
Plunging through the gates to this forbidden palace of skin
Gorge upon its carnal pleasures, plunder the enigmas it withholds
And the infinite wisdom buried deep between the folds
Fornication Revelation
Overwhelmed by obscenities, succumb to ribald attacks
I seek not your adulation but the swollen source of climax
One of many to fall before me, and violate your venereal vows
Now confess thy wickedness and watch the slithering snake arouse
Fornication Revelation
Salvation is Stimulation
Fornication Revelation