Перевод песни Dawn Of Azazel – The Art of Seduction (Engine of Virility)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Kingdom of skin, supple and sleek
Vessel of precisely that which I seek
With will of steel and silver tongue
One by one its manacles are undone
With precision and prowess I disrobe
That which unsoiled sackcloth clothed
Grasp its buxom bounty with craft and sleight
Clasp firm its tepid timber and ignite
Plunge into this abyss before thee
Seduced by my infamous majesty
From deep within my eyes
Feel it worm inside
Feel it force you against the tide
Know what it is to feel alive
Submit to my coveted voracity
Enthroned astride a spire of ivory
Come, take my hand and join me 120 days of sinfull ecstasy
Bestowed vehemently upon thee
Succumb to sin, lavishiousness
And my raw rakish prowess
Mantle of might consumes my virility
Clasped deep within the warm and womanly
From the battlefield that is your bed
I infect you with attraction
Pummel with you passion
And bring to your senses satisfaction
Shall we erotically unite or follow fallacy
Persist in pain or exist in ecstasy
Come, take my hand and join me Pawns of pleasure, suitors base and crude
Possess no charm nor testicular fortitude
The company of these wretches shall not disclose
The sweetest of the pleasures that you shall ever know
Combatants so flaccid infirm and unsure
Shall not surmount ramparts well endowed and demure
But before Villainous vigour, raw and untamed
Rubble are these mountains, the invincible fall in flames
Destruction of obstruction
Overwhelmed by seduction
And a guile unknown by feeble minds
The insipid and inane reviled and rebuffed
Whilst I envigour and inflame lions limber and lush
Ardorous craving and lust, revulsion, tedium, disgust
The sensation of elation shall end this frustration
Its demise cannot be denied when the sin gleams in your eyes
Between your thighs, is where I come alive