Перевод песни Dawn Of Azazel – Overcome It All

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Engrained in my muscles
An intensity burns like fire
Jackhammer gravitas
And the power that shall overcome
The thousand foes that stand opposed to Test my drive and direction
They shall fall as those before
With concise controlled aggression
He of faltering gaze
And limp wristed ways
Let him savour sloth and complacence
Leave comforts caress
Face certain death and overcome proud and tenacious
Strength and stability
Confidence and clarity
Stand and face my nemesis
And shatter the bones of my enemies
Cower before we combatants
Enslaved by your fears and your senses
I laugh in the face of retreat and disgrace
Punch through your feeble defenses
Sharpen your broadest swords
Unleash your greatest weapon
I remain strong, as the storm rages on Through waves of attack and deception
My foes shall never relent
Confront them surmount and win
Let them smash against the unshakeable
Cast in concrete self within
Overwhelm antagonists
Smash with conviction
Into the hearts of adversaries
And never succumb to this war
Overcome it all
Strike down falsehood and fear
With grit and gall and
The unstoppable, unmovable force
That shall overcome it all
Smash the constraints of freedom
With will and take command
Adorn with invincibility
Built with these two hands
No spears nor the words of these feeble hordes
No callous curse shall prevent me From the grasp of my goals, their total control
Majesty and true fidelity
Detached and deadly
Staunch as steel and steady
Every moment at the ready
Such is a man of true integrity
Overcome it all