Перевод песни Dawn Of Azazel – Majesty

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Trepidation and trial
The feminine form
Liquor and wine
Makes me feel alive
It awakens something
Deep inside
My majesty
Master of my domain
I am free of all restraints
Power flowing through my veins
Fire burning in my eyes
Woman grasping at my sides
Passion oozing from their thighs
Proven and renounced
You cannot keep me down
My legacy, my crown
Belligerently acquired
Forged in flame and fire
Coveted and desired
Come lock horns and see what I possess
Purpose, presence and masculine prowess
That conquers kingdoms and excites exquisite breasts
Savage nobility, rugged majesty
When my goal is in my gaze
Mountains crumble from my way
Nothing stops me from my prey
How can you understand
Wretch that could have been a man
How to take this with your hands
Mine shall close and she shall spread
Give me her heart and give me head
Taste submission in my bed
Physique fair and fine
Such pleasure from behind
As our naked bodies intertwine
With raging raw constitution
In unwavering resolution
Face down those who oppose
Watch them buckle and fold
Course, crude, coitus imbued to inlame me in frenzy
Rigid and tough, racious and rough rife with virility
Unequaled might
Primed to ignite
My majesty