Перевод песни Frailty – The River of Serpents

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My river of serpents, innocence is your name
When dawn entwines me in its cold dew
The grass awakes the serpent's dream
Oh, mournful eyes, lust is gone
Forever seems the cold morning mist
The river of mine, waters of black hate
Pure am I, I saw a ghost of her dying light
(The river, it crawls close to me...
And serpents are all around my forlorn shade
Haunting me, the whispering of ghosts
The longing won't stop, my raven heart
The grass whispers, the mist is my veil
Of innocence and of my hate...)
Take me down, let me be free
In my river of serpent dreams
Tending the cold caresses, my mournful eyes
My suffering is your time...
(The longing won't stop, light descends
Of suffering he is born, the shade of man
He once was... he once was a light...)