Перевод песни Korovakill – Lord Golden Blizzard

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There's a Mirror dancing on each Water's Edge
It reflects like a Fist, without Masks and Pride
Only Few dare to enter and die for a Dive
But just here on the Ground the Kaleidoscopes shine
There's a Treasure House on each Water's Ground
At the End of the Quest through the Shadows
Drink the gruesome Wine of the Waves Divine
And the Black turns to varied Creatures
There is Horror found in deep Whirls unbound
Here at House Bizarre grimly burning
Where the Rooms are filled with my Past Lives killed
All the Figures and old Skins begone
Onto the other Side — All Bridges burned behind
Beyond the last Goodbye — Into the Tunnel's Gleaming
The Dance of Children shines — All Walls seem golden Skies
The Fire storms inside — Lord Golden Blizzard Rise
Lord Golden Blizzard
Grand Sun Orb
Electric Waterfalls
Breathe Galactic Snow
In dreamlike ThoughtDeserts
A golden Flash of Light
Rains little FireAngels
Hailing all the same one...