Перевод песни Forest Of Impaled – Schizophrenia

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Feel the pain creeps through my veins
Close my eyes and see this face
What's this feeling, which cannot be named?
Try to escape this deadly race
Realize I know it, face abhorrent feelings
Endeavour to name it, call it schizophrenia
Voices give me orders, I just obey
Went to a psychiatrist, he called it schizophrenia
Wardens with straight-jackets, before I distinguish
Force my hands on my back: «He's got schizophrenia.»
Put me in a cell. I don't know what that helps
Scholars pass me by: «Another case of schizophrenia»
Sit in my cell, but I'm not alone
They speak to me, try to persuade
Me that I shall get out of this hole
But there's just one way to evade:
Kill myself and meet with them
This promise seems to me like heaven
«Come and follow us!»