Перевод песни Dark Fortress – Blood of the Templars

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It was in 1099 in the eastern land, where that fool was crucified
Jerusalem fell
In midst of the ravaging, raping and pillaging
I presented to one of the crusaders a gift from my lady so cruel
The cup of blood, «The Holy Grail» — such blasphemy
And they poured it down with passion, the blood of power of no holy origin
The blood of the whore
The blood of the templars lives on Forevermore
The blood of the templars will never die
Far beyond religious superstition, true magic was their craft
Spells this earth had never seen were cast in secret halls
Ageless men, three hundred years, until Jacques de Molay was burned
He cast a final spell, sending pope and king to hell
But that wasn't the end, for still they reign in silence
The forces of fire have granted immortality to the last seven knights
Seven lovers for a seven-headed whore...
The blood is eternal, the blood is black...
The blood of the templars lives on Forevermore
The blood... blood of the templars
(All my journeys through time, back and forth, had forged me into the Warlord)