Перевод песни Dark Fortress – Battles Rage in the Infernal Depth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Upon a hilltop, surrounded by flame
In my fist clenched a blade from blackened crystal
Grown before me the endless fields of carnage
And behind me the whore on her throne
It has begun...
Battles rage in the infernal depth — the war of domination
Seven lords and ladies, sovereigns of the demon thrones. All made with power
Armies of fire and brimstone, the wailing dead and their kin
Legions of bloodthirsty demons, above on leathery wings
Howls of the cursed and battle cries of those who've been fallen in battle
Are the signs of attack on this night
Through the blackness and the screams, into the fray I charge
Claiming head after head, piles of the dead behind me Battles rage in the infernal depth
(Betrayal and treachery)
Voice of the whore:
«Give back to me, all your power, all your sweet, sweet power
As I once gave you life, now I sentence you to die
What was yours is now mine again
And I leave you powerless...»
I am a warrior, I've always been. Mighty and proud, destined to win
In my hand I hold a weapon, a blade of crystal black
With blood in my eyes I rush to attack
In the heat of battle, I'm in her back, with one fell stab
And then I'm drinking her blood. Drowning in her blood
Battles rage in the infernal depth — the war of domination
(This power is burning within me, all turns black before my eyes
And I can hear it as the mirror shatters and the gates are closed...)