Перевод песни Putrid Pile – Waste of Flesh

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Such a sweet succulent neck
Oh how nice it looks when my blade pierces and cuts
Your blood spills on the floor, my cock at attention
I'm doing the world a favor by killing you
My eyes gleam with your suffering
Your life has been wiped away
Prepared to kill by any means
Dirty rotten filthy whore
You were beautiful before, you're even more beautiful now
Pale with no color, the way it has to be
Your neck and chest are stained with blood
The frozen look of fright is on your face
Unbuckle my belt, squeezing your breasts
You know what's next you dirty little whore
My cock yearns for you, throbbing as hard as it can be
Slamming my rod in the driest of c*nts
The way it has to be
This is your reality
I gently stroke the laceration on your neck
I can't keep from ramming my cock inside
I've sucked my bloody fingers clean, I explode
They'll never forget the atrocities that happened here
When I'm dead and gone
The atrocities that happened here