Перевод песни Putrid Pile – God of Degradation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Banished from your exhausted life, come to me Frail and meek
The perfect day to mold into what I need
A submissive cum catcher from top to bottom
Forever dripping with my seed
Collar tight, spikes embedded
Pull you closer with the chain to swallow cock
Bow down to your master
Burning the midnight oil
Sleep deprivation hazes thoughts
Latex clad for eye candy
Mouth braced open so your teeth won't scrape me I wish you had a gag reflex
Needles crossed through your nipples
Oh happy day, semen flows from my body into yours
Unexposed to air
I am your god of degradation
I piss on your pleasure center
Filling your birth canal with urine
Showering with golden waste
No recollection of the life left behind
You're mine to do with as I please
To do with as I please