Перевод песни Putrid Pile – Your Nightmare Reality

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Your feet are tied behind your head
Hands tied behind your back
Raised up cock level, suspended by meat hooks
I gaze into the mirror behind you to witness the blood trickle down
Down to the floor
Looking into my eyes you'll see the madness that hides behind
My calm demeanor misleading
Deep inside this mind of mine, you've already been hacked to bits
I am your torture killer
I am your torture killer
Ravage your pussy, no limbs in my way to obstruct my path
Vomit shoots through your ball-gag onto me Strangulation!
It's time to die!
I stop the air flow to your lungs
I reap the seeds of hatred with my actions, my hands
The tools of death, I squeeze tighter
You die!
I cum inside
Bloody knuckles, our foreplay has given me With your death, your memory remains in my conscious thoughts