Перевод песни Putrid Pile – Strangulation Is the Only Answer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Reprisal for the anguish you've caused ine soft
constautly a battle in my mind
back and forth it goes
'round and 'round
this never-ending battle ends riow!
The tight grip ofdeath around your neck
the look in your eyes excites ine
slowly you slip away
this is the best thing for us both
My fist comes smalhing down on your face
bones are breaking everywhere
postmortem batter fest
pounding pounding pounding 'tii my hearls content
your face exudes vibrant colors
Slowly i lick your face
clean clean of all the life fluid seepage
caressing your dead body
i hold you close to me you'll forever belong to me
i have a life lover you
leaving's not an option
when your body rots
your skull will be transforned into a bowl
a bowl to harbor all my cum