Перевод песни Diminished – Uninhibited

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The more that things change, the more they stay the
same You say if you're cleansed, than forever you'll
be change But forever, you'll never change your
ways This I know, I always see That black cloud
raining down the demons to fill the sea You expect
to be respected, when you disrespect others You say
you're all about respect, but always disrespect
others Contradiction at its best, never fails to test I can't understand, I don't want to understand,
because I can't stand your rational and all that is rest Always contradicting, arguing, you cry I wonder
why can't you confront your troubles that blind your
mind But there is a hesitation to take a time out for
tribulation My tolerance is inanimate to excuses
Your ignorance immovable and now beyond this
f**k your bullshit, f**k your ways, f**k your
rhetoric lies I'm going to show to you, prove to you,
uninhibited this time I can't stand the thought of you claiming to be a man When you find a reason to build a reason, fabricating so you can lie We both
come from shitty childhoods, there is no doubt
Where the father is absent and everything seems to be about Not becoming that man who we hated the
most Well you became that man, that's why I hate
you the most Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not
perfect and I have my flaws Well if I'm not perfect I hate to see what you'll be called Being a man is not
about being the strongest, tallest, most dominant
But it's about being one who rewrites the wrongs
and respects and protects Not so much eating shit
and liking it but doing what one has to do to get the
family ahead to survive it Don't you know it? Why
can't you see it? I may be poor in money, but rich in spirit. Your tenure didn't last, but I intend to inhibit
the past To be the man, you have to beat the man
Dinosaurs die, but their fossils still remain To be the
man you have to beat that man You never be the
man, you're one in the same