Перевод песни Formless Terror – Feeding the Necrovoid

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Monarch of Necrocosmos
Open the passage to obscurity
For the souls of imperishable shame
To drawn in disgrace for betraying the impure rites!!!
Seal new oath of blasphemous upheaval
Necrodome for wicked assimilation
Cosmic tyrant manifest thy presence
Order Iniquity
Initiate suppressive domination
Encircled by firewinds, acidstorms greet thy flesh
This is your soul deportation
Upon the centre of the void of impurity
To behold revelations of horror
Dripping from the hearts of the defeated
Thrones adorned with limbs
War descends without warning
The dead awaits for their spoil
In cauldrons of fire scorched and devoured
Anthems of highest disgust
Those enslaved, slaves shall remain
Their god's legacy forsaken
His soul dishonoured in the presence of our King!
Defloration — the air dissolves for the dying breed
Passageways are open-abominations are reborn
Marching through the uncreation
In the name of the bloodtide that comes!!!
Congregation of obscure forces
Evoking victory in anchient tongues
Brood never touched by light
Bloodline of immortal obscenity's
Summon enthropy and deliver damnation!!!