Перевод песни Formless Terror – Disturbing the Equilibrium

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Formless God... Choronzon
Devourer of shapes
Ascend unseen... towards thy throne
Bring forth obscurities
You are curse and pestilence
The emperor of the cosmic asylum
Existence ends at your will
Elements burn in your presence!
Transgress the gates and resurrect!
Let chaos orbits around you!!!
Disturb the streams of equilibrium!
Let cosmic order deforms!!!
Rising from beyond the eclipsed horizon
We march under the star of the Chaos gods omnipotence!
We invoke the spirits of chaosbreed
Descendants of an obscure visdom
I inhale their breath they serve my will
And we transform into parasites!
Choronzon... torch of Chaos
Open your mouth. absorb my will
Conceive cosmic storms
Proclaim highest degree of genocide!