Перевод песни Akashah – Hanged Man's Vision

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It was there at the crossroads of nine worlds
I experienced death before life
Surrendered myself to the cosmic ash
In unspeakable horror it's secrets revealed to me
Nine days I hung on the windswept gallows
Wounded for nine long nights
Pierced with my own spear sacrificed to Odin
My self pledged to my own self
In the absence of Solace, no bread nor mead
I peered into that abyss
Crying aloud I took up the runes
Overwhelmed I fell back from thence
Nine mighty songs I learned from
The son Balthor
He poured me a draught of the mead
I grew and waxed in wisdom, the fruit of my mind
Word follows word and deed follows deed
(I found words, I wrought deeds)
I learned how to read them, was shown how to cut them
Saw how to blood them, and how to prove
Hidden runes shalt thou seek
Learn to interpret the signs
Many symbols of might and power language of the gods
Strong staves
Stout staves
Stained with sacred blood
By the high powers fashioned
Graven by prophetic god
I know how to evoke, and how to sacrifice
Dost know how to send, dost thou know how to send them?
These were the words of Odin before the age of men
Spoken as he died and rose again...